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Via Vittorio Veneto, 27
15010 Ponti (AL) - Italia
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Written by Administrator
Wednesday, 15 April 2009 16:57
  • Planimetric - altimetric surveys, feasibility studies and working plans of new railway systems and lines.
  • Verifications and controls of geometric parameters of tracks and railway switches, with subsequent bringing up to code and optimisation of the existing systems.
  • Construction of tracks, railway switches, intersections, overhead crane guides, climbing tracks.
  • Maintenance of existing railway systems by works to level, align, tamp, review, clean, substitute, aluminium-thermal welding and spark welding.
  • Supply of both ordinary and special infrastructure materials: rails, wooden sleepers, cement sleepers, railway switches, intersections, plates, screw spikes, track bolts, linkages, shunting boxes, special small parts, etc.
  • Rental of railway equipment: equipment for aluminium-thermal welding, screwers, hydraulic jacks, road-rail loaders, flat wagons, hopper wagons, sleeper drilling machine, spiking machines, hydraulic diesel locomotives, forming machines, tamping machines, cleaning machines, spark welding machines, etc.

Special works

An important part of its activity deals with executing special works.

  • Research, construction and laying of special intersections, including guardrails, with same type rail or different type rails.
  • Construction of tracks and climbing intersections with bend radii lower than 50 m.
  • Assembly and aluminium-thermal welding of overhead crane and gantry crane guideways also at a height.
  • Aluminium-thermal welding on funicular guideways with slopes greater than 35%.

Aluminium-technical welding on funicular guideways in Val d’Aosta.

  1. 90° intersection between tracks type 60 UNI.
  2. Special intersection between normal track type 50 UNI and climbing track in the city of Imperia.
  3. Special intersection between normal track type 50 UNI and guideway consisting of rotary MRS for gantry cranes.
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